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New ISO Standard

The International Standard ISO/TC 232 for Learning Services is on the way. ILDP is contributing and you can too by participating in the ILDP Forum in Sydney on 17th and 18th November 2008

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ILDP’s vision is enhance the status of people with varied occupational roles in Learning and Development by building them into a globally recognised profession

 Our mission

It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

ILDP’s mission is to make a difference in the field of Learning and Development (L&D) by defining the standards and enhancing the status of people with varied occupational roles in Learning and Development and to build them into a globally recognised profession with integrity and standing.

Pat Galagan (ASTD 2006) said that the profession formerly known as training is undergoing a natural metamorphosis but that there is no clear definition for the field. Is it performance? Is it intellectual capital development? Is it knowledge management? Is it learning facilitation? Is it human process engineering? Is it workforce development? Is it organisational stewardship and transformation?

ILDP has adopted the definition of a profession proposed by the Australian Council of Professions:

“A disciplined group of individuals who adhere to high ethical standards and uphold themselves to, and are accepted by, the public as possessing special knowledge and skills in a widely recognised, organised body of learning derived from education and training at a high level, and who are prepared to exercise this knowledge and these skills in the interest of others”.

ILDP will be a prism to identify and foster high performance and excellence globally by providing an internationally recognised, credible certification process for L&D professionals.

NQC Focus

Quality Council Focus  Information for ILDP Members on the work of The National Quality Council.

Why certification?
Marie Dayton explains why voluntary professional certification is one of the hottest topics in HR around the world at the moment
ISO 12 & 13 Nov 07

Report of the ISO / TC 232 / WG 1 "Learning services providers" Report of the 1st meeting held in Berlin on 14 Nov 2007. The President of the ILDP represented Standards Australia at the meeting.


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Why certification? PDF Print E-mail
Marie Dayton explains why voluntary professional certification is one of the hottest topics in HR around the world at the moment

Voluntary professional certification currently reaches into more areas of professional development than any other trend in Human Resources today and shapes the way many professionals educate, promote and develop themselves independent of company job descriptions and academic degree programs. Certified individuals may publicise their credentials by using initials after their names e.g. a Certified Public Accountant is entitled to use the CPA designation.

Certification is primarily a quality enhancement process not a control mechanism. Certification shows individual mastery of a profession by confirming competence and proficiency, showing career involvement and assuring a defined level of knowledge.

Several market forces make professional certification important to both individuals and organisations. L&D professionals have been forced to take control of their own careers independent of their employer as a result of companies downsizing, outsourcing and temping. It has become evident that university degrees no longer represent the ultimate measure of professional knowledge or ability to perform. Finally, business demands a person maintains constant professional development and keeps abreast of current training and involvement beyond the scope of his or her particular job.

The certification process requires candidates to be involved in professional issues, current trends, innovations and the impact of changing technology and globalisation on business.

The Institute will use competency based certification which will require candidates to prove their expertise, mastery of a common body of knowledge and job capability. What does it take to achieve excellence as an L&D professional? To date we have allowed the educational system, the job market and employers define the standard for our profession. Certification criteria is not easy to develop and ILDP will be seeking your input through focus groups and on line seminars to complete a job analysis of L&D profession which is multi–faceted and together define common elements of the profession. The results will be collated and used to define standards towards certification.

Your first step is to register your interest by becoming a subscriber to join us an affiliate by following the directions on the Join ILDP page .

Thank you
Marie Dayton
Foundation President

The Institute

The Institute of Learning and Development Professionals (ILDP) Inc. was established in April 2005. Its objective is to define and enhance the standards and status of people in varied occupational L&D roles so as to create a globally recognised professional standard. ILDP aims to provide a leading platform for consensus-building mechanisms and multi-sector coverage through a network and collaboration of national member bodies, international liaisons, regional cooperation and partner organisations in Learning and Development in the certification process.

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